Andy Piccos - Miss England at Ascot


Bottle Green Company

Designed and created by:

Andy Piccos (with John D Reid)


To design and construct a striking elderflower dress, hat  and clutch bag for Katrina Hodge to wear to Royal Ascot Ladies day, 2010. As well as the flowers, it needed to include subtle branding and a “wow!”.

Being Ladies Day and also being a fan of “My Fair Lady” it seemed appropriate to create something larger than life, with some grandeur from the past – Cecil Beaton & a nod to Dame Westwood a gown big enough for the racetrack! There of course as to be a hat, under it all there has to be the support that gives it  & keeps its volume, 10m of netting some panniers and of course a small crinoline.

The dress received media attention >>>

Miss England at Ascot


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