Media Updates- where and when and what! (The beginning…)

Welcome to my Media Updates. Here is where I hope to share some of my work both behind the scenes and in front of camera.

Most of my work is carried out at my studio, but I also get to be out and about with my sewing machine and my mobile sewing kit, usually working on set,  on video and photo shoots as well as TV work. More often than not its alterations to get things to fit as best as they can, sometimes it actually creating costumes or garments to be worn.

This little collection will catch me up on the last year and set us up for future posts…

Most of my media work last year was working with Gok Wan, on his Style Secrets series and in the middle of it all a crazy deadline to produce air hostess uniforms, along with matching halter-neck tops and sequin hot pants for the dancers/hostesses on Gok Wan’s dating show “Baggage”…. Brass buttons, epaulettes and braid all Velcro-ed up for quick removal to enable a quick dance routine. Patterns plotted, fabric cut and 6 uniforms in less than 3 days (it always seems like it’s last minute!)

Well I was happy with the end result

pic of Gok and air hostesses

Captain Gok and the Baggage Air Hostess Dancers

Gok’s Style Secrets – was filmed over several months, rather a longer time frame than usual. So much of my work on the show was random days of being on set for fittings with the different women. It’s always a surreal moment when you find yourself pinning a makeover lady into her outfit and she’s standing there with an eyemask on waiting to try on the next outfit. It was a good series and aired early 2013.  Just a little tweaking makes all the difference from “that’s a nice look” to “WOW!”

Makeovers are always a satisfying job.

Gok and a happy makeover

Gok and a happy makeover


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