Tales from the Wardrobe – intro

I deal with all sorts of sewing projects that come to me via the web or word of mouth. Many of these are come from people who are looking to have something saved or re-worked from their wardrobe. Often this is a favourite piece or a garment with sentimental value or a great deal of family history. Some need a little tender loving care to restore them to a semblence of their former glory – others require to be completely revamped – in need of a little “reclamatiAndy Piccos - Cushion Coveron couture”  – & the pieces are transformed into something else… sometimes they came from outside the wardrobe and become something all together different… so sometimes theres no wardrobe involved but perhaps just an interesting tale…

 “Tales from the Wardrobe” is a record some of these histories, where possible I’ll include pictures but very often the piece disappears into its future as quickly as it arrived and no time for a snapshot!


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