Thank you AA

So after 3 days of filming on “Gok’s Fashion Fix” in Harrogate, I offered to be second driver to assist getting the fashion teams gear back to London. We load up – the people carrier is packed to the roof and we set off at 8pm, deciding to get something to eat once we were on the M1 and heading south. All was well, we stopped at Woodall service station to get some food and are happy with our progress.

A little after 9pm we set off again, realising that we’ll need to stop at the next services for petrol – 1 minute later we are being flashed by other cars and pull over to see that the boot has come open and our suitcases are missing, the majority of the stuff is still in the back as it was so tightly packed (fortunately!)

So, we drive to the next junction and loop back on ourselves and here we are again at Woodall Services… we fill up with petrol and rush off  to the slip road, hoping our stuff will be there and not strewn the length of the M1… and YES! there are our cases, some dressing gowns and a selection of orange tights no more than 20m from the start of the slip road. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

We climb back into the car and turn on the ignition a warning sound, lights flashing on the dashboard and no engine! OMG! cries my companion we filled up with unleaded and this is a diesel!  A call to the AA, and likely wait of an hour…. so we sit its 10pm now and wait, and then call them again 45 mins later and another operator says they’re not likely to get to us til 12.25! We walk back to the services and get some coffee, charge our mobile phones and wait…. After a series of call and a very helpful AA operator called Stephanie, we get picked up by a local towing service who drives us to Trowell Services where another AA truck will take us back to London and drop each of us at our homes. (Its snowing at Woodall services as we run back to the car to wait for the first tow truck)

At 1am we are at Trowell Service station and the AA truck appears as we get out of the local tow truck in the car park, things are looking better already. At 2am we are sitting in Watford Gap Service Station, our third service station of the journey,  sharing our driver’s statutory 45 minute break… glad to be on our way home even if it is at 56 mph.

I got home at 4.30am… my colleague 30 minutes later… thank you AA


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