follow the instructions and you too can be toasty this winter!

You may have noticed a previous mention of my Curtain Lining Workshops run for Islington’s Green Living Center and Camden’s Sustainability Unit.

It’s a 2.5 hour workshop where we discuss the need for curtains at windows in order to improve thermal efficiency and save money on those heating bills!

The original brief was “how do you line your curtains without a sewing machine?” there are several ways including recycling old curtains by hanging them on the wrong side of your curtains from the curtains existing curtain tape (that which holds the hooks). This is instant lining and makes the wrong side of your curtains a lot more colourful (especially if they are loud purple & pink floral ones from the 70s! – my favourites)

We then introduced thermal curtain lining fabric – which is a lightweight polycotton fabric that has a single pass of a thermal solution fused to it. Thermal linings can improve heat efficiency by up to 25% – its used a lot in commercial establishments like hotels. The task then is to hang this fabric to the back of your existing curtains … not everyone can use or even own a sewing machine, and many people can’t handle a needle and thread – so how do we attach the lining to the curtain.

Using hemming tape (sometimes called wonderweb) we can attached a simple curtain tape, add hooks to it and hook it onto the existing curtain’s curtains tape….

Islington have filmed the process have a look :

I think you’ll find it interesting and even amusing – follow the instructions and you too can be toasty this winter!


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