The Prom Princess – Am I in Buffy-land?

big pink prom dress

a big mass of candyfloss

I think I’m getting old  – no- I know I’m getting old, but when did we (ie us on this side of the pond) start having school proms… I had an email enquiry re making a dress for an evening event in early July – some people are very cagey as to what they want to dress up for. Sometimes this sort of enquiry is a bride trying to avoid the “oh its a wedding dress I have to charge you more”  tack that dressmakers/designers take (quite rightly- but thats another blog – trust me) … So I looked at the tiny jpeg that she had attached to the email and responded with a possible price range and a description of the process in getting her dress made and the link to my facebook photo albums of my work.  Within 20 mins she was on the phone and wanting to go ahead. Cool. On asking what the occasion was she replied with “its my prom” – “really? How nice”… my head spins and I wonder if I’ve been transported to the world of Buffy and any moment now some demon will come snaking out of the phone. I recovered quickly and made an appointment for her to come and get measured etc.. Is it 90210 UK /Teens with cash money – poor daddy I say – but bring it on – it’ll be fun – you know it! …

What was strange though- having been so unaware of this new event in UK teenage girls school lives, within 30 minutes I received another email from a mum asking if I could copy a dress from an american website and how much… and yes it was for her daughters prom.

The last prom dress I handled was a couple of years ago for a 6’4” bear to wear to an event he was hosting… Pink tulle size 22plus… I’ve a picture somewhere….

whats next I wonder…


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