Fitting it all in…

there’s always something that needs doing – no matter how many jobs I start or finish there is always another one lurking in the shadows and waiting to be done.

This afternoon, for example, I was strolling from Oxford Circus to Covent Garden in the sunshine, thinking all was going as planned and I didn’t need to rush to my meeting with a new client (PR company needing a dress for a client) I was doing fine… when on Old Compton Street I bump into a client and suddenly I remember the shirt that needs taking in and the jacket that needs a little reshaping and he’s not wearing either as they are still on my clothes rail at the studio in the “finish it soon” section… He’s a lovely man – fortunately, and had made it clear there was no rush for the job –  but none the less I realise that although strolling through town in the sunshine is nice – not being in my studio means another client is waiting for me to finish/start/or just continue working on their piece…how does one fit it all in and not just become tied to the machine? hmm


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