Curtain linings and making the world greener

Last Autumn I was approached by a worker from Islington’s Green Living Centre to see if I’d be interested in running a workshop on curtain linings and their importance in “lagging” windows, to explain how curtains are made and what makes some better than others for saving your heating bills. We discussed the content of the workshop and I was asked to come up with ideas for adding curtain linings without having to use a sewing machine. Needless to say, I’m all for saving the environment and am pretty green too… I love to recycle fabrics and clothing so this seemed right up my street.

The first workshop was quite well attended and gave people a chance to discuss their own particular needs regarding draught-proofing windows (and doors). I also demonstrated  how you could add curtain header tape to a piece of fabric using just hemming tape & a hot iron  and then use it as a curtain lining by hooking it to your existing curtain’s header tape …

Since then, Camden has joined in and we now provide thermal lining fabric and the tools with which the attendees of the workshops can actually make up their own linings and take them away. Yesterday our workshop was in a Bengali workers centre in Camden and tomorrow afternoon in a school hall in Archway.

I will write-up my workshop notes into a “how to” blog soon… meanwhile I’d better organise my bags for tomorrows workshop.


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