An afternoon of costumes

What an afternoon, 3 serious costumers looking for detailed work: A catwoman cowl (headwear) & 2 characters from HellboyII- Abe Sapien and Johann Krauss- both are at the early planning stage with the discussions of details and the plotting of the base costume. I usually will make a toile (calico/cotton dummy) of the costume to ensure that everything fits in all the right places and it also allows us to draw lines all over it, if necessary, to copy the costumes lines/structure etc …. I do enjoy them but find myself getting a little obsessive with the detail- almost as much as the client requesting the costume… its going to keep me busy over the next few months & I’m likely to wear out the blu-ray copy of the film and probably my partners patience too!

I’m now sitting here waiting for a 6pm appointment whose shunted it to 6.30… This is a potential bridal outfit for the new year (Yes the new year, 2011 – its pays to start early with designs and fabric sourcing)…

Oh theres the bell …


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