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Examples of Work

For those who don’t know me I’m Andy and run a little business called Stitchin Business. I sew and work with fabrics making anything that people want. Whether its clothing and costumes, some fine furnishings or alterations or repairs I’m likely to take it on and get it done.

Its been a crazy start to the new decade with work flying at me from all directions and types – but hey – I love to keep my work varied, so I’m not complaining. February saw me putting together different costumes for 2 queens off on a gay Caribbean cruise… 70s hooped flares (very Priscilla), white PVC chaps, jocks & harnesses and, just for the 17th march, padded green silk satin jocks in the shape of shamrocks- for those lucky Irish! I’m assuming that they had a good time but I’ve not seen any photos posted on facebook yet,although they may need a week or so to get their bearings. A happy man has had his wool coat re-worked in the collar area and now has something he really loves to wear (rather than hiding it in his wardrobe!).

I’m getting ready to run some more curtain lining workshops for Islington and Camden councils. We look at how to make windows more energy efficient and how to improve the insulation properties of residents current curtains, in particular how to line their curtains without the use of a sewing machine –  and as ever there is of course more than one way to solve a problem.  The councils  supply the thermal lining fabric and I show interested locals how to add curtain tape (without the need of a sewing machine!- I know its seems a little crazy esp as I’m a sewing service) in order to hang their new linings…

On the design side I’ve been working with a new product developer on a prototype – I cant say too much at this point hey-ho soon done and then all can be revealed…

Meanwhile the Equinox is fast approaching and I’m busily putting together a ceremonial silk cloak and robe for my pagan friends… greens and gold and floral embroidery- its gonna be fab, and the clock is ticking!


  1. jonnyboymach3

    Welcome, Mr Piccos. Look forward to hearing about your sewing adventures!

    • I hope I can kep you entertained and informed… todays rush is to finish putting together a first draught of a costume by 2pm… the clock is ticking and I’ve just realised I have to re-draw the collar & change the neck detail .. so I’m off!

      • jonnyboymach3

        Stop working so hard. You need a break x

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