Andy Piccos is based in North London and with over 20 years of working with fabric, offers comprehensive fabric construction and sewing services for both commercial and private clients.

Clients and Projects

Andy Piccos - Gok's Clothes Roadshow
‘Gok’s Clothes Roadshow’ 2011

As well as his work with private clients, Andy’s creations have been used for private functions, photo-shoots, corporate events and major advertising campaigns.

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He designed and created an elderflower dress for the Bottle Green Company, which was worn by Ms Katrina Hodge,  ‘Miss England 2010’, to wear to Ascot in 2010.

Currently, you can see him on Channel 4, as Gok Wan’s ‘Stitchin Bitch’/ tailor on ‘Gok’s Clothes Roadshow’.


  • Clothing / Costume creation
  • Reclamation couture
  • Furnishings
  • Fabric model making
  • Sewing workshops and training

‘Constructing with Fabric’

Typically, the area of garment creation consists of distinct specialists: designers, stylists, tailors etc. Andy is unique, in that his work is multi-disciplinary. He can work with existing pieces, or create them from scratch. He can work on his own or part of a team – and at any stage of the project.

His work often takes him outside the realm of clothing and garments. As he himself says:

“All it takes is a piece of fabric, a needle & thread & a little imagination & with that, an infinite number of possibilities appear… “

Examples of work by Andy Piccos


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